Coursebooks for German as a Foreign Language

A1.1 - For pupils aged 6-9 years old

The learning programme Luftballons

Learning German in Primary School - a Journey of Discovery


In the coursebook Luftballons, pupils follow two children, the leading characters of the story, on a journey of discovery through Germany. Lessons are made fun and memorable by the integration of videos, songs, games, art projects and sport activities.


The magical journey over land and water combines both imaginery and real elements with the aim of conveying the beauty and charm of contemporary Germany.


Luftballons encourages curiosity and the desire to learn more about the German people, their culture and surroundings. Pupils are also provided with a solid grounding in both understanding and speaking German.

A1.1 / A1.2  -  For pupils aged 9-11 years old

The learning programme  KOMM, WIR SPIELEN! (KWS)

Coursebook KWS - A1.1
Workbook 123 Übungen und Spiele
Workbook KWS - A1.2

The language course Komm, wir spielen! is both stimulating and easy-to-use for pupils aged 9-11 years old. Comics, original materials, songs and rhymes, as well as exercises and games make it possible to create interesting projects relating to music, theatre, mathematics and geography.